Neuroscience Major

Combine your passions for biology and psychology through this flexible program.  

Explore the brain and nervous system through hands-on labs and collaborative research. This highly interdisciplinary program, provides a range of courses from the natural sciences and psychology. The Neuroscience program will not only provide you with exciting experiential learning opportunities but equip you for your next steps towards a career or graduate studies.

Connections Across Fields

This flexible program gives you the unique opportunity to pursue both psychology and biology in the way that works best for you. Explore the important connections between these areas of study in an experiential learning setting.

Collaborative Research

At least one semester of collaborative research is required for all students. Work one-on-one with a faculty member to design, implement, analyze, and present your findings. Collaborate between biology and psychology or just focus on one. Additional research opportunities include paid summer research at Houghton or taking on an Honors Project.

What will I learn?

Through Houghton’s Neuroscience program, you will gain hands-on experience and develop research skills as you:

  • Participate in labs like guided dissections, open-ended problem solving, and collaborative projects
  • Engage in both experimental theory and practice in a laboratory setting
  • Collaborate with faculty on research projects
  • Utilize state of the art equipment for data collection
  • Pull together important concepts from Biology and Psychology
  • Explore neuroscience through the lens of a Christian worldview

124 Credits


Required Courses


Elective and General Education

Degree Requirements

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Hands-on Experience

Houghton’s lab courses give you the opportunity to take part in brain and spinal cord dissections, and collect real-time data in a variety of experiments. Data collection may include tests like EEG, EMG, EKG, EOG, and observing reflexes and Action potential measurements. Grow in your independence as a researcher as you come up with your own questions and then design and conduct experiments to find answers. This research can lead to publication in peer-reviewed journals or presentations at conferences and symposiums.

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Personalized Mentorship

In the Neuroscience program you’ll have small classes, allowing you to work one on one with your professor. Professors are excited to work with you, helping you develop critical thinking and content mastery. They are there to help propel your growth and development along your career path as you pursue God’s calling for your life. This includes required course work in professional development, feedback on written and oral communication, support with research, personalized course selection and mentorship.

Christian Worldview Focus

Learn about neuroscience with a Christian focus. Faculty are devoted to infusing their faith into their studies and teaching. You can expect that professors will pray for you and care for your spiritual life. They will help you grow through powerful and challenging Biblical discussions related to issues in neuroscience. Is the mind more than a complicated series of neurons? How do we think about AI and transhumanism? How do our Christian beliefs affect how we think about and treat neurological disorders and behaviors?

Plan Ahead For Your Postgraduate Studies

Houghton University has a collaborative agreement with D'Youville University for a select group of students to gain entry into their Doctorate of Physical Therapy (4+3) and Master in Occupational Therapy (4+3) programs upon graduation from Houghton.

Learn more about this special admission agreement with D'Youville University

Program Outcomes

Students earning a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from Houghton University are prepared for careers in many facets of the neuroscience industry, with employment increasing 13% in the last ten years.

Employment Expected to Grow 16%

for Forensic Science Technicians
U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsSource

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