Houghton East Africa

Immerse yourself in the East African experience – the culture, people, and environment – for a semester unlike any other.

Houghton’s East Africa semester in Kenya will challenge you – to engage other cultures, experience life in community, explore God’s creation, and enrich your faith.

Gather wild honey alongside Dorobo hunter gatherers, and live with a Kenyan family. Practice your Swahili with merchants and villagers at the market, and volunteer with local youth to teach them about environmental sustainability. Climb dormant volcanoes, witness the grandeur of savannahs lined with elephants and giraffe, and study marine ecology on the Indian Ocean. Stargaze with friends under the vast African sky and worship around the campfire.


In Houghton’s East Africa semester, you won’t just learn anthropology, ecology, and language – you’ll do it.

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Where does the East Africa semester take place? What is a typical day like?

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Paige Collins

Featured Testimonial

Because of what I saw and experienced by being immersed in another culture and country so different from my own, I have a new way of thinking - a further developed way of understanding the world around me and the possibilities it holds.

Paige Collins '19