Service Animal Policy

Service Animal Policy

Helpful Information:

Basic etiquette rules ...

Do not pet, touch or otherwise distract a service animal when it is working. Doing so may interfere with its ability to perform its duties. Do not feed a service animal.  Do not attempt to separate the handler from the service animal. Inquiring about a persons disability is not appropriate.

Service animals can be asked to leave or may not be allowed the following circumstances:

If a service animal is found by the college to be out of control and the animal’s handler does not take immediate and effective action to control it; if the animal is not housebroken; if a service animal is physically ill; if the service animal is unreasonably dirty; if a service animal attempts to enter a place on campus where the presence of a service animal causes danger to the safety of the handler or other students/member of campus, or where a service animal’s safety is compromised.

Allergies to pet dander:

If another student or an employee has severe allergies around animal dander, Academic Support and Accessibility Services should be contacted so the matter may be equitably resolved.

Some of the above text was borrowed from the Service Animals On Campus policy of Cornell University, and the Service Animal Policy of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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[2] Visit the Caneadea Town Hall located at 8911 NY-19, Caneadea, NY 14717.