Biochemistry Major

The biochemistry major is an excellent path for entering one of the health professions or following a career in biochemical research.

At Houghton College, experienced Christian faculty members in the chemistry department – all active scholars with doctorates – prepare and equip students interested in biochemistry, molecular biology, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and analytical chemistry to define and answer significant questions about our world.

A major in biochemistry enables a student to learn, in a context of faith, the normal or abnormal paths that one’s body may take and to understand the ways in which nutrition and pharmaceuticals can best prevent or correct damage to one’s body. Because the biochemistry major at Houghton College contains a significant liberal arts component as well as its science component, the student may choose, upon graduation, to receive either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry.

Why Major in Biochemistry?

  • Receive hands-on training and direct access to instrumentation.
  • Conduct, publish and present real research with one (or more) of Houghton’s faculty members.
  • Be mentored, supported and cared for by invested faculty members who care about your academic success as well as your spiritual, emotional, and professional growth.
  • Enjoy specialized instruction tailored to your interests within a friendly, collaborative environment.
  • Experience excellent preparation for medical or graduate school (100 percent acceptance rate).

124 Credits


Required Courses


Elective Courses and General Education

Degree Requirements

Personal Attention from Invested Faculty

With a departmental emphasis on personalized teaching and close relationships among faculty and students, biochemistry majors have many opportunities to get to know their professors on a personal level. Small upper-level class sizes allow majors to have individualized instruction and direct mentoring from faculty members. The department partners with each student in the program to help him or her work towards understanding his or her vocation and calling.

Undergraduate Research

Biochemistry majors are strongly encouraged to complete research while at Houghton. Students can follow their interests through independent study, do collaborative research with faculty members or participate in the Summer Research Institute. Some students publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals or present talks and posters at regional and national conferences.

High success rates

Houghton biochemistry majors have 100 percent acceptance into medical school with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and a solid MCAT score. Nearly 100 percent of graduates enter graduate or health programs or get jobs in their field within three to six months of graduation.

Summer Research Institute

Each summer, Houghton College sponsors the Houghton College Summer Research Institute, which allows students to work with Houghton faculty on faculty-led collaborative research projects in physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics and computer science. This program gives students the opportunity to see what it is like to be involved in professional physics research, and thanks to grants and gifts from generous donors, students can earn a stipend while they research.

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