Scholarships for Returning Students

Scholarships for Returning Students

Through the generosity and the investing policies of Houghton’s alumni, friends, and financial stewards, funds are available to meritorious music students who meet award criteria.

All endowed scholarships are awarded by full faculty vote.  These awards are made from endowed funds: the number and size of annual awards is dependent on the performance of the investments in which the principal resides. (Revised 2013)

The following endowed scholarships are available (revised 2014):

Professor John M. Andrews String Scholarship

Given in memory of Professor Emeritus John M. Andrews by his family.  An award to talented Christian string students.

Wilfred and Mary Bain Scholarship

Award for music student of ‘significant talent and interest in music..., preference shall be given to students who are voice students and, most particularly, students who exhibit talent and interest in opera performance.’

Joanne L. Bingham Scholarship

An award to a deserving BMus student at the beginning of the second semester of the senior year who is a BMus student, has a positive Christian testimony, maintains a 3.0 cumulative GPA by end of junior year, shows musical ability, and exhibits Christian leadership.

James Brokaw II Scholarship

Awarded to a junior or senior voice or pre-med student (alternates between music and science department awarding) of financial need who maintains at least 3.0 cumulative GPA and has a solid Christian testimony.

Carolyn Keil Campbell Scholarship

An award to assist ‘worthy, promising, and needy music students.’

Clint A. Clifford Endowed Scholarship

An award to a single music education student with a 3.0+ GPA, renewable if GPA maintained.

Frederick C. Denham Organ Scholarship

Awarded to an organ student with financial need, preferable one involved in or focusing on church worship.

Florence B. Dodds Music Scholarship

Award(s) given annually to music student(s) with unmet financial need.  Preference given to sophomores who received a Freshman Music (non-renewable) Award.  The Dodds scholarship is continuing, based on satisfactory academic and musical performance and continuance as a music major.

Charles Finney Endowed Scholarship

An award to a BMus major: preference to organ majors or minors, next to music students intending careers in church music, then to general music majors.

Dr. and Mrs. Devere Gallup Scholarship

Awarded to a “worthy and promising” music or science student.  Typically alternates or is split between the departmental choices.

Nancy Connor Good Music Education Fund

Awarded to a music education student focusing on piano who has solid Christian commitment and has financial need.

Ethel Boyce Johnson Music Scholarship

Awarded to a junior or senior music major with financial need.

Walter T. Knox Scholarship

Awarded to a graduate student.

Robert R. Mackenzie Scholarship

Awarded to a sophomore, junior, or senior music major who exhibits “merit, talent, and creativity.”

S. Hugh and Wilfrieda Paine Music Scholarship

Given by Rev. & Mrs. Carl Vanderburg in memory of the parents of Stephen XV. & S. Hugh Paine.  A scholarship awarded annually to outstanding Christian music students, particularly those with financial need.

Presser Foundation Award

To be awarded to an outstanding student following the end of the junior year.  Award varies, based solely on merit.  Four criteria, established by the Houghton music faculty:

1. musical excellence
2. academic standing
3. Christian testimony
4. exemplifies the goals of the school of music

The recipient shall be designated the Presser Scholar in the senior year.

Dr. George Seher Scholarship

Awarded to a junior or senior music or pre-med student with financial need.

Jacob and Marie Smith Church Music Scholarship

Awarded to a student planning on a career in church music/organ.

Willard G. and Mae L. Smith Scholarship

Awarded to music majors, particularly those interested in or pursuing music ministry.

Paul and Mildred Temple Scholarship

Awarded to a music major or sometimes a music minor, with preference given to students from the NY counties of Chautauqua or Cattaraugus.

Dorothy Yahn Walrath Organ Scholarship

An award toward tuition for a BMus student whose major is organ.  Criteria to include excellence as a performer, good character, and Christian faith, financial need, scholastic excellence, preparation for a career in church work or college teaching, excellence as a public performer.

Linford C. Wilcox Endowed Scholarship

Preference to a violin major.

Robert W. Woods Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship(s) to be awarded to a junior or senior. Criteria:

  1. Major in church music or a related field that would contribute to church-related music.
  2. Based on talent and contributions to the field of church music.
  3. Consideration to be given to financial need, personality, and character.

Marilyn York Scholarship

Unrestricted award to be given to a Christian music major.