Public Health Minor

The minor in public health is an introduction to the field of global public health, which entails options and policies within the domestic and international context. Its purpose is to provide a Christian liberal arts perspective to understanding the domains of public health, which facilitate the well-being of communities and populations in a holistic and sustainable way. The minor follows the guidelines of the “Undergraduate Public Health Learning Outcomes” published by the Association of Schools of Public Health. The minor has a common core for all students and is then structured from elective courses to best complement the student’s major.

Required Courses Credits
INCL 348 – Foundations of Health Development (Mayterm) 4
BIOL 232 – Epidemiology (Mayterm) 2
Electives – Choose eight hours from the following courses:
INCL 310 – Intercultural Competencies* 4
INCL 347 – Development Communication and Grant Writing* 4
INCL 295 – ST: Introduction to Public Health 2–4
ANTH/SOC 315 – Human Ecology** 4
PSY 309 – Statistics 4
CHEM 187 – Introduction to Nutrition** and CHEM 188 Introduction to Nutrition Lab 3, 1
BIOL 2XX or higher (with advisement) (BIOL 380 Pathogenic Microbes recommended – has prerequisite) 4
POLS 345 – Community Organization and Development 4
Total 14

*Recommended for biology majors and other non-INCL majors.

**Recommended for INCL majors and other non-biology majors.