Criminal Justice Major

Delve into the justice system and criminal behavior to address the challenges of neighborhoods and cultures.

The Criminal Justice degree at Houghton University will allow you to investigate the historical roots of and responses to criminal behavior in the United States, the development of the modern legal system, and determine possibilities for prevention, restorative justice, and more.

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Master Modern Tools of Law Enforcement

Develop the ability to use the quantitative and qualitative tools of the social and behavioral arts and sciences to assess the effectiveness of efforts at prevention, correction, and restorative justice.

Understand the Impact You Can Have in the World

Engage in knowledgeable and respectful discussion of policies and procedures, including the particular challenges and opportunities of rural and cross-cultural approaches to criminal justice.

What will I learn?

Through Houghton’s major in Criminal Justice, you will:

  • Address the history of and concerns related to social justice in the modern legal system.
  • Develop close mentoring relationships with Christian faculty members who care about your academic, emotional and spiritual growth.
  • Engage in discussion of significant contemporary concepts and issues – including the development of an individual or group research project and professional preparation – in a senior capstone seminar.

124 Credits


Required Courses


Elective Courses and General Education

Degree Requirements

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Identify the Source of Criminal Behavior

Evaluate factors contributing to criminal action and the effects of different approaches to criminal justice intervention using both statistical and research methods and critical evaluation of moral and ethical arguments.

Gain Hands-on Experience

Integrate theory with professional practice with hands-on learning during an internship experience in a criminal justice setting.

Leverage Insights from Multiple Fields

Go in-depth in subjects such as criminal law, juvenile justice, environmental crime and justice, and more.

Program Outcomes

Students earning a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Houghton University are prepared for careers in many areas, including but not limited to:

Employment Expected to Grow 13%

for Private Investigators and Detectives
U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsSource

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