Augmented History Major

Understanding our past is crucial to how we understand the present and shape the future.

An Augmented History major at Houghton provides you with the knowledge and skills to turn those lessons into actions that make a difference.

In whatever sphere—politics, religion, culture, economics, social relations—the study of past human experience requires research, analysis, interpretation, organization and communication.

A degree in History from Houghton will strengthen your analysis, writing, research and methodology skills to prepare you for the workforce. Explore history’s larger perspective on enduring truths as you investigate questions about identity, what we believe and why.

A major in Augmented History adds courses in political science and economics to prepare students for teaching certification in history to students in grades 7-12.

Why Major in History?

  • Pursue your individual interests, and shape your own program of study with guidance from excellent professors.
  • Collaborate with faculty members to discover your talents and strengths, and engage in high-level scholarship.
  • Small class sizes allow for focused discussion, engaging literature and developmental writing.
  • Internship, independent study and study abroad opportunities expand your horizons and deepen your perspectives.
  • Faculty members all hold the highest degrees in their fields and are published research historians who integrate their academic disciplines with the Christian faith.

Major Requirements

Augmented History major (BA)

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After Houghton

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Houghton’s history and political science faculty are dedicated to your success at Houghton and beyond

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