Student working in ceramics studio.


Discover your voice as a clay artist in an awe-inspiring studio space.

Explore a broad range of ceramic techniques, processes and their historical context through Houghton’s comprehensive Ceramics concentration. Designed to satisfy the hobbyist, artist or professional who wants to pursue graduate work like an MFA.


Course Highlights

Learn wheel-throwing, hand-building techniques, clay sculpting, slip-casting and mold-making, production techniques, glaze formulation, studio management, and kiln loading and firing. There are three levels of courses, allowing you to progress from beginner to advanced.

Ceramics 1

  • Focus on skill-building and basic techniques
  • Learn pinch-forming, slab-making, coil-making, wheel-throwing, surface treatment, clay construction and glazing

Ceramics 2

  • Dive deeper and hone your skillset through specific projects
  • Explore your individual preferences and style
  • Focus on glaze formulation and chemistry

Ceramics 3

  • Pursue your own style and direction
  • Practice studio management through kiln loading and firing, clay mixing, and glaze maintenance