Bachelor of Science Theses

Coats, Micah S. (2020). “Measurement of the Transverse Doppler Shift using the Mössbauer Effect.

Langa, Bernardo J. Jr. (2020).  “Design, Construction, and Testing of the Return Portion of a Closed Return Wind Tunnel.”

Raymond, Steven (2020).  “Progress on the Houghton College Fusor.”

Olandt, Sarah G. (2019). “Modifications to the Houghton XRD.”

Cook, Katelyn C. (2019). “Measurement of Low-Energy Nuclear Cross Sections using Inertial Confinement Fusion.”

Durbin, Jonathan G. (2019). “Construction of a Low-Speed Closed-Return Wind Tunnel.”

Martin, Jeremy S. (2019). “Nozzle Design for a Small, Low-Speed, Closed-Return Wind Tunnel.”

Ballard, Jonathan (2018). “The Study of Nitinol Welds for Electric Generator and Design of SEM Strain Stage for In-Situ Nitinol Stress Testing.”

Eager, Daniel J. (2018). “Maximizing Corner Efficiency for a Low-Speed Closed-Return Wind Tunnel.

Kroening, Heidi M. (2018). “Development of the Optical Feedback System of an Atomic Force Microscope.”

Phillips, Heather C. (2018). “Construction of XRD at Houghton College.”

Ganger, Michael R. (2017).  “A Parity Violation Experiment for Undergraduate Laboratories.”

Jaramillo, Jonathan D. (2017). “Design and Construction of a Low Speed Wind Tunnel.”

Redman, Andrew C. (2017). “Development and Integration of a Low Cost, High Voltage Power Supply into a Thin Film Deposition System.”

Cady, Jordan A. (2016). “Development of an X Ray Diffractometer and its Safety Features.”

Craft, Kyle. (2016). “Remote Operation of a Farnsworth-Hirsch Fusor for Producing D-T Neutrons.”

Eckert, Thomas J. (2016). “Efficiency Calibration Of NaI Detectors For A Measurement Of The 12C(n, 2n)11C Cross Section.”

Gula, August. (2016). “The Creation of Low Activity Mössbauer Sources for Undergraduate Research.”

Kirkland, Margaret P. (2016).  “Design and Construction of an X-Ray Diffractometer.

Yuly, Jonathon. (2016). “Progress Towards a Cost-Effective Atomic Force Microscope.”

Ballard, Daniel J. (2015). “Refurbishing a Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope.”

Daigler, Sean. (2015).  “Design and Construction of a Phase-Stepping Interferometer for the Study of Thin Films.”

Flemington, Kyle R. (2015). “Deposition Chamber for Thin Film Deposition.

Lahshomb, Paul R. (2015). “Measuring Parity Violation in Cobalt-60 Decay.”.

Morrow, Sylvia I. (2015). “Focusing in the Houghton College Cyclotron.”

Hartshaw, Garrett E. (2014). “A Measurement of the 12C(n,2n)11C Cross-Section for use as an Inertial Confinement Fusion Diagnostic.”

Love, Ian J. (2014). “Construction and Characterization of a Farnsworth-Hirsch Fusor.

Newcombe, Jennifer. (2014). “The Construction of and Theory Behind the Houghton X-Ray Diffractometer.”

Ocock, Ethan. (2014). “The Design and Construction of an Atomic Force Microscope.”.

Evans, Andrew C. (2013). “The Design and Construction of an X-Ray Diffractometer.

Fuller, Nicholas A. (2013). “Exploring the Capabilities of the Houghton College Cyclotron.”

Lauer, Colin. (2013). “Building a Computer Cluster in Order to Simulate Dark Matter Interactions in Parallel.

Lipnicki, Alexander H. (2013). “A Remotely Controlled Electron Gun For A 200 Kev Electrostatic Accelerator.

Mann, Keith W. (2013). “Low Activity Mössbauer Sources for Undergraduate Labs.”

Mertzlufft, Joshua D. (2013). “An Evaporation Deposition System for the In-Situ Study of Thin Metal Films.”

Reynolds, Tyler G. (2013). “Design and Construction of an Interferometer System for the Study of Thin Metal Films.”

Spencer, Mark. (2013). “Refurbishment of the Houghton College Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM).”

Kroening, Peter G. (2012). “Reducing Dose While Maintaining Image Quality for Cone Beam Computed Tomography.”

Slye, Jonathan W. (2012). “Design and Construction of a Multiplate Chamber.”

Silvernail, Adam. (2011). “Design and Construction of a Sample Holder and Heater Apparatus for Thin Film Stress Measurements.”

Koehler, Katrina. (2011). “Cross Section Measurements for Quasielastic Neutron-Induced Deuteron Breakup.”

Timian, Lindsay N. (2010). “A Study of Tailored Oriented Thin Silver Films by X-ray Diffraction.”

Aikens, Kurt M. (2009). “Design and Construction of a Deposition Chamber for Thin Metal Films Research.”

Haas, Daniel. (2009). “Characterizing the Performance of the Houghton College Cyclotron.”

Little, Bethany J. (2009). “Design and Construction of a Variable Temperature Atomic Force Microscope.

Thomson, Stephen. (2009). “An Electron Gun Controller for a Small Electrostatic Electron Accelerator.”

Loucks, Andrew J. (2007). “Initial Results from the Houghton College Cyclotron.”

Troyer, Joshua. (2007). “Considerations in the Design of Electrostatic Accelerator Columns.”

Cressman, Mickael J. (2006). “The Design and Construction of a Small Cyclotron.”

Wells, Christopher M. (2005). “Examining the d(n,nd) and d(n,np)n Reactions for Evidence of a Three-Nucleon Interaction.”

Winter, Blake K. (2005). The Decay Rate of Orthopositronium.”

Brady, Peter T. (2004). “The Construction of a 200 keV Electrostatic Accelerator.” (CNC Milling Machine files)

Kingsley, Nicholas L. (2004). “A Novel 1st Generation Computed Tomography Scanner.”

Merriam Jr., Donald D. (2004). “A Wind Driven Power Generating System: Initial Designs and Construction.” (Autocad files)

Tuminaro, Sharon C. (2003). “The Design of a Small Cyclotron.”

Clifford, Rebekah Y. (2003). “A Tabletop Transmission Computed Tomography Scanner.”

DeYoung, Rachel J. (2003).  “The (n,2p) Reaction as a Probe for a Nuclear Δ++ Component.”

King, Barry T. (2003).  “A Preliminary design for a small permanent magnet cyclotron.”

Marthai, Sonya M. (2003). “A Wind Driven Power Generating System: Preliminary Modeling of Power Curves.”

Ely, David R. (2002). “A Tabletop Apparatus to Measure the Magnetic Moment of the Muon.”

Kroening, Daniel A. (2002). “A Measurement of the Muon Magnetic Moment Using Cosmic Rays.”

Winey, Brian A. (2002). “A Low-Cost Van de Graaff Accelerator.”

Bachelor of Arts Theses

Kratz, Josiah C. (2020).  “Development of A Parity Violation Experiment for undergraduate Laboratories.”

Finch, Victoria E. (2014). “A CT Scanner using Coincidence Techniques.”

Richards, David P. (2014). “Examining Single Molecules in an Effort to Analyze Subdiffusion in Living Cells.”

Runyon, Kirby D. (2008). “Astrometry From Space: An Overview Of The European Space Agency’s Hipparcos Satellite.