Learn foundational techniques, so you can make them your own.

Painting at Houghton University exposes you to a variety of painting media, techniques, and subject matter. Explore representational, abstract and non-objective content. You may choose to combine painting with drawing, but it can also be a standalone concentration.


Course Highlights

In addition to oil painting, you can take two levels of watercolor and or pastel painting. As you advance in your coursework, have the freedom to explore additional materials including acrylic and mixed media.

Painting 1

  • Learn to paint in oil, beginning with the indirect value study, as masters did in the Renaissance
  • Explore alla prima direct painting
  • Discover methods that meet your individual goals as an artist

Painting 2

  • Work through a series of paintings progressing from representational to abstract to non-objective
  • Immerse yourself in the language of abstraction as you continue through this course
  • Complete your semester by making a final work of your own choosing

Painting 3

  • Direct the course of your own work through a proposed curriculum in this advanced course
  • Explore, if desired, a variety of media associated with painting
  • Be prepared for a graduate level experience, similar to an MFA
  • Participate in consistent critiques throughout the semester
  • Embrace the process, knowing your directions and intentions may change as the semester progresses