Photography student speaking with her professor.


Explore your diverse creative interests and develop your own artistic vision for your work.

Develop your technical, formal, and creative skills as a photographer. Houghton's program will prepare you to engage in an ever-expanding contemporary visual culture.

The photography concentration allows you to explore fine art, commercial, and documentary genres. Through projects, discussion, and critiques, gain confidence in discussing your work and the work of others.


Course Highlights

See photography within the context of the art world by taking courses in art history and communications. Are you interested in traveling? Take advantage of Houghton's Travel and Documentary Photography course.

Intro to Digital Photography

  • Learn about the photographic process including light, exposure, tonality and principles of composition
  • Explore and expand personal creative development in photography
  • Learn how to make high-end digital prints of your work
  • Take a digital photography project from concept development through final execution

Lighting for the Still and Moving Image

  • Recognize and assess the nuances of light and how it relates to the photographic medium
  • Learn how to effectively use natural and artificial light including continuous and strobe (flash)
  • Develop skills in lighting on location and in the studio

Advanced Lighting

  • Delve deeper into the nuances of studio and location lighting
  • Refine lighting techniques in portraiture and still life
  • Learn about lighting within the context of building a visual narrative
  • Develop a photographic in series through working on an extended project

Experimental Darkroom Processes

  • Explore the early photographic processes such as Cyanotypes, Albumen and Salt pints
  • Learn modern alternative techniques including digital negatives and developer made from coffee
  • Create photographic prints on a variety of mediums including paper, leaves, fabric, wood, and ceramics

Advanced Topics in Photography

  • Learn and explore contemporary dialogs connected to the medium of photography
  • Learn to read and interpret ideas communicated through photographs
  • Develop a body of work centered on a complex idea

Professional Practices in Photography

  • Explore the professional worlds of Commercial and Fine Art Photography
  • Understand the fundamentals of becoming a professional photographer
  • Learn how to price a job or print sale
  • Learn how to market and promote yourself
  • Produce a portfolio of images and a professional website