Houghton student working in mac lab with dimmed lights during graphic design course.

Graphic Design

Become a creative problem solver and engage with every aspect of the design process.

As a part of Houghton’s Graphic Design Concentration, you’ll build a foundation of design awareness that will last a lifetime. Assignments will build your confidence in visual literacy, connecting you to other disciplines like marketing and communications, computer science, and fine arts.

This concentration also offers design internships. Learn to tackle real-world assignments while building your portfolio.

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Course Highlights

Graphic Design 1

  • Learn broad based knowledge on pursuing a career in design
  • Gain important skills even if you pursue other areas of study

Graphic Design 2

  • Tackle professional-level creative challenges
  • Explore brand identity, package design, and information graphics

Graphic Design 3

  • Challenge yourself with advanced projects requiring with more complex solutions
  • Learn technical skills and design consistency that follow best industry practices