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Honors at Houghton

No matter how accomplished or talented you already are, Houghton believes you can be more. We were one of the first colleges to introduce a serious, developmental curriculum for top incoming students, and our honors opportunities remain among the best anywhere. Become part of a close-knit group, take on and meet the challenge of one of our integrated, interdisciplinary curricula. You will grow intellectually, creatively, and spiritually.

Honors in London

Immerse yourself in one of the world’s great capitals with Houghton’s honors semester in London.

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East Meets West

Learn to navigate the deep cultural divide between the Islamic and Orthodox East and the Protestant and Catholic West. And see a part of the world stranger and more wonderful that you can imagine.

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Science Honors

Tackle a scientific question of real-world significance in this innovative, research-driven program, where learning is brought directly into the field.

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Scholarship Information

Top Academic Scholarships at Houghton

Find out what scholarships Houghton has to offer to top academic students.

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