Psychology Major

Study Methods of a Slow Reader:

  • The student was a slow reader with good vocabulary and poor comprehension in timed reading situations.  (ADD). 
  • It takes her until the first test to develop a study method. 
  • She studies for tests (is not just studying to learn); she says she "needs to get good grades to be listened to”.

Anatomy & Physiology (B+)   

  • Tried to skim the chapter before class; not always successful.
  • Teacher distributed lecture outlines the day of class; this was used to orient self to material. 
  • She was able to take very detailed notes of lectures (during the lecture). 
  • Asked questions whenever did not understand in lecture.  (Has become more bold in asking questions; this is one of the most important things she does.  This assures she gets the whole picture.) 
  • Did not read entire text; used text as a tool.  When something was unclear, looked it up and studied it.  (Aim: to get a clear understanding.)  Got more detail and understanding this way. 
  • Went in after each test and discussed any errors with professor.  {She does not do as well on objective tests; learns holistically with lots of association so does best on essay exams.
  • Learns systems and causation and finds it time consuming to retrieve details}. This kept her from an A.

Developmental Psychology (B-)  

She did not perceive course organization till mid-term.  (She said she should have met with her teacher to discuss class organization.)      

  • The syllabus listed all possible things that could be on a test.
  • Beginning at midterm (when she figured out how the course was organized) she reorganized her notes to go with what would be on the test.  (She wished she had done this from the beginning.)  Class was to think and discuss; lectures expanded on concepts. 
  • She read the article book - articles were discussed in class.  She did not read the text; she used the textbook as a tool to look up things she needed to understand further. 
  • Classes were mostly very interesting discussions from which she learned a lot, but figuring out how to prepare for tests had to be done completely on her own..