Ortlip Art Gallery

The Ortlip Gallery is an all-purpose exhibition space in the Center for the Arts at Houghton College. Named for H. Willard and Aimee Ortlip and their family, some of whom were previous art faculty members, the gallery serves current students, faculty and visiting artists.

The exhibit program of the Ortlip Art Gallery presents a diverse range of innovative exhibitions and educational programs offering insights into the work of established and emerging regional, national, and international artists and designers. As a cultural leader, the Ortlip Art Gallery provides a forum for exploring contemporary art and ideas enriching the artistic and intellectual climate of the college, the greater Houghton community, Allegany County, and beyond.

The Ortlip Gallery has a mission of furthering the educational goals of Houghton College, preparing students interested in art studies for future careers by providing a professional gallery and exhibit venue for college work study, stimulating conversation with visual complements to ideas crucial to our lives, and enriching every community member possible in the underserved areas that Houghton comes in to contact with. The exhibitions provide opportunities for visual research, objective thinking into areas of culture, philosophy, place, gender, ethnicity and faith.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Stefan Zoller: Skeletal Trees
August 27th - October 17th
Reception Event: Friday, September 14 (6-8pm)

Roselyn Danner Legacy Exhibition
October 29th - December 7th
Reception Event: Friday, November 2 (6-8pm)

Art & Visual Communication Faculty Exhibition
January 11th - February 8th
Reception Event: Friday, Jan 11 (6-8pm)

Annual Juried Student Exhibition
February 20th - March 22nd
Reception Event: Friday, February 22 (6-8pm)

2018 Senior Art Exhibition
April 1st - May 11th
Reception Event: Friday, April 5 (6-8pm)

Contact Information

Please direct all inquiries to: 

Alicia Taylor
Ortlip Art Gallery
Houghton College
One Willard Avenue
Houghton, New York 14744