Why Education at Houghton?

Houghton College’s teacher education program has deep roots in the liberal arts and the Christian faith and is committed to the highest professional standards in teacher education.

Featured Testimonial

My Houghton education provided the foundation for my career choice. While studying at Houghton, I was encouraged to learn about diversity and to seek opportunities to work with and teach children coming from many different backgrounds.

Kayla Johnson ’09 English Language Learning teacher at Essex Westford School District in Vermont

Our Mission

A degree in education prepares teachers steeped in content areas and committed to serving the needs of diverse learners and communities. Our mission is to equip teachers for transformative learning and service.

Houghton Students

Hands-on Learning

All students participate in a variety of classroom experiences that place them in rural and urban schools, service learning, and individual student teaching placements.

Kids Learning

One Program: Four Strands

Education majors will complete one of four program strands: adolescence education, inclusive adolescence education, inclusive childhood education or music education. Students in each strand receive thorough preparation in educational theory and practice as well as intensive preparation in their chosen content area.

Courses of Study
Houghton Student Teachers in Classroom