Houghton Students in Tanzania

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At Houghton, nearly half of our students experience the world through off-campus study. For students, this is far more than an excursion. It’s a way to take what you’re learning – political science, intercultural studies, theology, business, medicine – and apply it in a new context.

Houghton in East Africa

Immerse yourself in the East African experience – the culture, people, and environment – for a semester unlike any other.

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Houghton Programs

Find out more about Houghton's own study abroad programs. A variety of destinations and experiences are available for Houghton students.

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CCCU GlobalEd Programs

Explore the world outside your college classroom! CCCU GlobalEd offers off-campus and study abroad programs around the world through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU).

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Other Opportunities

Check out some of the other opportunities offered, including programs focusing on creation care, international business, language and culture studies.

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Mayterm Programs

45% of Houghton students study off campus before they graduate

Featured Testimonial

Before Houghton, I had never really considered a life outside of the States! I simply wanted to have an interesting study abroad experience. However, through the Houghton in Tanzania semester I had a significant broadening of my worldview, which has shaped not just my career choices but who I am.

Carolyn Klejment-Lavin ’07