A Message to Prospective Students

A Message to Prospective or Entering Students

OK…so you’re thinking about coming to Houghton, or you’ve decided to come to Houghton. Maybe you have struggled with depression or anxiety.  Perhaps you have an eating disorder, or are wondering if you’ll make it away from home.  Well, you need to know that the counselors at the Center are here to speak to you about most any concern you may have.

Whether you make an appointment for one visit simply to talk over a frustration, or whether you sign up for a number of sessions throughout the semester, your counselor will be a confidential source for you on campus. Each year our counselors speak to about 20% of the student body; we have conversations with one in every five students in any given year. So many students do stop by and take advantage of this resource…all free of charge.

If you are reading this, you are already on our website.  So, browse a bit and learn more about our services.  And by the way…Welcome to Houghton College!