Student Programs

The Student Programs Office strives to provide students with a variety of ways to engage with the Houghton College community. We are just one of the areas that provides a wide array of events for students.

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) organizes many of the all-student events on campus.  There are a variety of ways for you to get involved including attending events, joining Entourage (our volunteer group), or applying to be on staff.  Contact with any questions!

Student Government Association

The purpose of SGA is to contribute to the academic, social, physical, and spiritual growth and development of the student body of Houghton College. We are also responsible for representing the student body to the school administration, faculty, and staff in order to promote student interests and needs. We also help to provide activities and services for the student body in the form of events and clubs. Contact with any questions!

Clubs & Student Organizations

Houghton’s clubs have always played a major role in the life of students. It is continually one of the most significant methods of connecting students to the Houghton community and there are over 30 active clubs completely run by students! Contact with any questions!


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