Fee Schedule

2024-2025 Academic Year

Average Annual Full Time Undergraduate Tuition and Fees
Tuition $17,800
Campus Services/Student Government Association Fees $630
Housing $5,760
Food $5,600
Total average annual tuition, fees, room and meals $29,790
Average cost of books and supplies $1,000
Average transportation costs – dependent on area of residency $1,900
Per Semester – Tuition
Tuition (flat rate: 12-18 hours per semester) $8,900
Tuition (per hour, 1-11 hours) $742
Tuition (per hour, for hours over 18) $494
Fee for auditing classes – if not covered under flat rate (per hour) $60
Tutorial fee (per hour; add to tuition fee) $368
Tuition Mayterm (per hour) $250
Graduate Tuition – Music (per hour) $665
Summer Online Tuition (per hour) $250

  • Full Access meal plan is required for first-year students and sophomores;
  • Juniors have the option of the 14-meal plan or Full Access plan;
  • Seniors in traditional residence halls must be on the 14-meal plan or Full Access plan;
  • Seniors in the townhouses have the additional option of the 7-meal plan.
Full Access Meal Plan Plan (per semester) $2,800
14-Meal Plan or 170 Block Plan (per semester) $2,625
7-Meal Plan or 90 Block Plan (per semester) $1,473
Dorm Double $2,880
Townhouse Double $3,268
Gillette Small Single $3,423
Gillette Quad $2,055
Dorm Single $3,705
Dorm triple (Including Gillette Townhouse Floor) $2,492
Dorm Double held as Single, Dorm Triple held as Double $4,482
Townhouse Double held as a Single $4,545
University Farm $2,265
Required Fees
Student Services Fee (per semester) $255
Student Organizations Fee (per semester) $60
Applied Music

  • In addition to the flat rate fee for tuition, students taking applied music are charged a special fee according to the following schedule.
Half-hour lesson (for 1-2 hours credit) $450
Hour lesson (for 3-4 hours credit) $900
Hour-and-a-half lesson (for 5-6 hours credit) $1,350
Honors at Houghton Fees
Science: fee per semester (all lab fees, Mayterm housing & meals) $750
London: fee per semester (travel expenses) $750
London Spring Semester Housing & Food* $5,680

*London Housing & Food fees replace the standard room rent and food costs for residential students during their semester in London.

Other College Fees & Expenses
Art studio lab fee $180
Certification for Wilderness First Aid $150-180
HUTEP Internship Fee $125
First-Year Student Enrollment Deposit (applied to total tuition bill; not an “extra” charge) $300
Returning Stop Out Deposit (applied to total tuition bill; not an “extra” charge) $100
Forsyth Learning Commons Fee $180
Highlander Adventure Program fee $795
EQST 113 & 201 Course Fee $254
EQST 214 & Higher Course Fee $512
SRWM Online NCSF Lab Fee $380
SRWM Lab Fees (select courses) $35-180
Pro Tools/Commercial Music Fee $180
Recital Recording Fee $50
Science Laboratory fee (per lab) $180
Room Change Fee $200
Athletic Insurance & Medical Services Fee (required for athletes) $113
Transcript fee (each copy) $8-11
Returned Payment Fee $52
Vehicle registration (annual) $35-275

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