Intercultural Student Programs

Devoted to helping and building relationships with MKs, TCKs, and international students so they have a successful experience at Houghton.

Intercultural Student Programs Office

Call: 1-800-777-2556 

The Intercultural Student Programs Office provides:


Navigating student visas, employment, licenses, taxes and more


Including help with cultural adjustment

Personal Advocacy

Support for your unique needs


Designed to promote intercultural learning on campus

Admission Information

Houghton has a lot to offer you as an MK, TCK or international student! Approximately 5 percent of our students are non-U.S. citizens. An additional 5 percent are U.S. citizens who have grown up outside the United States.

Admission to Houghton

Visa Information

International student visas can be quite complicated. The ISPO helps simplify this process by providing students with documents and advice regarding student visas.

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The Interconnect program is a week long orientation designed to help you adjust to life and college in the United States.  Interconnect 2024 will be August 24th - August 30th.

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InterCare builds community for International students, Missionary kids (MK) & Third-culture kids (TCK). Help us welcome and serve our intercultural students and TCKs.

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Additional Services

Activities and Events

Each year the Intercultural Student Programs Office plans cross-cultural activities and events for the student body. These activities give students the opportunity to engage with a variety of cultural backgrounds and to learn from diverse traditions and experiences. Some examples of recent campus wide events include:

  • International poetry night
  • Culture fun night
  • Multicultural silent disco

In addition to these, we also plan events that are specifically for international students and TCK’s.  These activities focus on building relationships with each other, experiencing American culture, and helping to meet specific international/TCK needs.  Some recent examples include:

  • Interconnect Orientation Program
  • Shopping trips