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Application Instructions

In order to have your application for admission reviewed by the Admission Committee, the following items must be submitted:

Canadian applicants are not required to take the SAT or ACT to be considered for admission, but there are many advantages to doing so. Three advantages in particular are:

Houghton has an innovative Honors Program, Canadian students seriously interested in being considered need to hold above a 90% average in 4 university level course pertaining to the field of study.

As we award academic scholarships, we rely on information on your transcript and your marks to make these decisions.  In the US, most high school students receive a “rank” that tells us where in their class their marks place them.  As most Canadian schools do not rank students, relying on marks alone can sometimes make it difficult to fully understand your educational preparation for the rigors of a Houghton education.  Taking the ACT or SAT and doing well will improve the likelihood of being considered for an academic award.

Finally, in situations where your marks are below the averages that we typically see for incoming students, writing an SAT or ACT may increase the likelihood of being admitted. This is usually only advised in situations where there are extenuating circumstances such as a long sickness that meant missing school and lower marks, a “rough year” in which personal issues took priority over school, and so forth.

The average marks that we see for incoming Canadian students tend to be in the 80 – 84 range.  This means that we see students with marks below and above this.  If you have concerns or questions about your marks, email your admission counselor or call 800.777.2556 to speak with one of our admission counselors.