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Paying For College

What is a Houghton education worth?

At Houghton, we believe that your financial investment paves the way for more than just classroom time. We believe your education should have value, and that you should finish your degree with more than just a diploma. A Houghton College education helps you develop both personally and professionally, with the lessons you receive in the classroom immediately applicable to your everyday life.

We are committed to the needs of our students and recognize that college is a significant personal investment.  Your tuition costs include all of  the reading materials you'll need to complete your course work, in the form of ebooks, and an iPad to help faciliate your learning. There's no need to allocate extra money for books or upgraded technology in order to stay current.

At Houghton College, our financial aid staff seeks to understand each student’s individual situation and works to make an education at Houghton College affordable for all of our students.  We believe you will find your Houghton College experience to be well worth the time spent exploring your options.

We have a designated student financial services advisor who works specifically with our adult learners to navigate the paths of financial aid. We encourage you to call or email with any questions you have. You may also schedule an appointment to discuss your individual financial situation.

Susanna Roorbach
Extension Studies Financial Representative
888-874-7223 x3280

We look forward to welcoming you into the Houghton College community