Ceramics Concentration

Ceramics at Houghton College is a comprehensive program designed to give students a broad range of exposure to ceramic techniques, processes and historical context.

Learn wheel-throwing, hand-building techniques, clay sculpting, slip-casting and mold-making, production techniques, glaze formulation, studio management, and kiln loading and firing.  Houghton’s ceramic program will satisfy the hobbyist, artist or professional and will also prepare students who choose to go on to achieve their MFA at the graduate level.

Facilities and Equipment

The ceramics studio is a spacious 2200 square feet washed with natural light. Cathedral ceilings, skylights and ample windows provide a bright and inspiring workspace. At Houghton, students will have access to modern equipment including new model electric wheels, a slab-roller, an extruder, electric kilns and a gas-fired reduction kiln along with access to kick-wheels and a multitude of hand-building tools and apparatus. Houghton’s Ceramics program offers cone 10 gas reduction, mid-range oxidation, low-fire earthenware firings and seasonal wood-firings.

Ceramics Curriculum

The ceramics curriculum is divided into three levels to allow students to matriculate from beginner to advanced.

Ceramics 1

Ceramics 1 focuses on skill-building and basic techniques. Students will learn pinch-forming, slab-making, coil-making, wheel-throwing, surface treatment, clay construction and glazing.

Ceramics 2

Ceramics 2 delves deeper into more specific projects designed to hone a student’s particular skillset and encourage individual preference and style along with an emphasis on glaze formulation and chemistry.

Ceramics 3

Ceramics 3 is designed to allow each student to pursue his or her own style and direction, and also emphasizes studio management by incorporating kiln loading and firing, clay mixing, and glaze maintenance into the curriculum.

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