Drawing Concentration

As a fundamental means by which artists can work through their conceptions and ideas, drawing can be a way of thinking in visual terms.

Houghton’s Art program includes foundational courses in drawing. Students who wish to pursue drawing as a concentration have many options for shaping their working process further in courses such as Artistic Anatomy, Abstract Drawing, Advanced Materials in Drawing and Illustration. Courses in design, watercolor, and pastel serve as electives to expand students’ options for continued development in drawing.

Students may also pursue drawing independently in the natural environment on the many forest trails surrounding campus. Students in Houghton’s Art program will learn methods in graphite, ink, conte, chalk, colored pencil, crayon, charcoal and pastel pencil as well as numerous methods for incorporating materials and methods for mixed media work. Students may also choose to combine painting and drawing as a concentration.

The drawing facility is situated with full northern natural light. Many students have developed highly personal applications of drawing and illustration techniques. Houghton graduates have been awarded national and regional awards in drawing and illustration. Five graduates of the Art program have published illustrations in children’s books, cards, and fiction and non-fiction books.