Drawing Concentration

With a drawing concentration, you'll develop your skills as an artist while learning to see the world in a new way.

Houghton’s art program includes foundational courses in drawing, where students develop core skills and gain confidence in thinking visually. Students who pursue a drawing concentration can develop their working process further in courses like Anatomy and Figure Drawing, Abstract Drawing, and rotating Special Topics classes. Courses in design, watercolor, and pastel are available as electives to expand your options for continued development in drawing.

Students will learn methods in graphite, ink, conte, chalk, colored pencil, crayon, charcoal, and pastel pencil, as well as numerous methods for incorporating materials and methods for mixed media work. Students may also choose to combine painting and drawing as a concentration.

Do What You Love, Right Here…

Our studio is situated with full northern natural light. Junior and senior art students have access to their own individual studio spaces where they can hone in on long-term projects.

Houghton’s 1,300-acre campus also offers endless opportunities to capture the beauty of God’s creation in your work. Pack your sketchbook and lose track of time exploring Houghton’s extensive hiking trails, or find a spot by the picturesque Houghton Creek.

…And Keep Doing What You Love, Out There

Maybe you’re interested in attending graduate school, pursuing a career in the arts, or simply cultivating skills that will serve you well in an increasingly visual workplace. At Houghton, we’ll provide the foundation for you to pursue your personal and professional goals as an artist.

Houghton graduates have been awarded national and regional awards in drawing and illustration. Five graduates of the art program have published illustrations in children’s books, cards, and fiction and non-fiction books.

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