Opportunities for Business Students

Studying business at Houghton provides a student with a top quality education, rooted in ethics, leadership and responsibility, but the benefits of the business program do not stop there; Houghton's business students also have at their disposal a plethora of exciting opportunities in applied learning both at home and abroad.

Applied Learning

  • Our Student Investment Group manages a six-digit real money portfolio.
  • The innovative Houghton Student Enterprises group plans, manages, and operates numerous on-campus businesses.
  • Students interested in human resources management run Houghton’s student chapter of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management.)
  • Accounting students operate an IRS-sanctioned VITA tax return preparation service as a community service each year.
  • Professional members of the business community are brought to campus regularly through our BEST Talks  to meet with students and present seminars on topics of current interest in the business world. Guest lecturers have included the CEOs of Johnson and Johnson and Cardone Industries.
  • Every student is involved in at least one for-credit internship as part of their program.

International Opportunities