Counseling is strictly confidential within legal and ethical limits. We do not discuss any aspect of a students’ concerns with anyone, and no information is released without the student’s written permission.

Except in emergency situations, we do not communicate with anyone about your counseling. Emergencies usually involve; 1) immediate danger (threat to life or bodily harm) to yourself, or 2) to another. Although extremely unlikely, a third possibility requiring a release of information would be a court order.

Violations of community standards are not considered emergency situations.

Sometimes counselors get “stuck,” and may wish to consult with another counselor or health professional in order to provide you with the best service possible. It is not necessary to reveal your identity in such a situation. This is considered a “normal operating procedure” in counseling centers, and is not a violation of confidentiality. However, whenever possible, you will be informed of this first.

Group Counseling

Confidentiality applies equally to all members of a group in counseling, and each member is expected to maintain the confidentiality of the others.


If you choose to leave campus or go to another counselor, we will be happy to send a professional referral upon your request.


If you are concerned about a friend who may need help, you can discuss this with a counselor without revealing the identity of your friend. Simply come into the office and request a one-time consultation. Students are often “relieved” after these meetings, grateful for this assistance.