The Houghton Promise

You want a high-quality education at an affordable price—an education that puts God first and that will prepare you for the fast-paced and ever-changing world of the 21st century.

The Houghton Promise is our pledge to you. It reflects our deep commitment to providing you with an extraordinary educational experience of high quality and value. When you enroll at Houghton, we promise you the following:


We Promise: exceptional quality at a nationally competitive cost.

You don’t have to choose between high-quality education and affordability. Fiske ranked Houghton College among the top 10 in the nation in best value among private colleges, and the Wall Street Journal reported that Houghton’s Endowment beat out Harvard aiding students with economic need.

A Houghton education is about preparing for life’s journey—and it all begins with making it possible for you to attend.

Academic Quality

We Promise: a transformational liberal arts learning environment in which every student will have the opportunity to engage in a global experience, internship, original research project or senior signature work in the academic program of their choice.

A Houghton education connects learning with the real needs of our workplace and the world.  Students experience transformative learning through superb professional preparation combined with relevant engagement. In fact, a Gallup-Purdue study showed that graduates who underwent transformative learning opportunities were significantly more likely to be prepared for life outside of college.

Authentic Christ-Centered Community

We Promise: intentional opportunities to grow spiritually through worship, small groups, prayer, communion, mentoring, and service.

Because a Houghton education is wrapped in spiritual formation, everyday rhythms become vehicles for God’s presence. Thoughtful scheduling helps Houghton deliver transformational education–providing students with a deep and genuine Christ-centered experience rooted in life-changing mentoring relationships with faculty, staff and fellow students.


We Promise: a three year graduation track in most degree programs.

A Houghton education is about creating a personalized learning experience to fit your timelines and goals. Our accelerated tracks provide the opportunity to earn your degree in three years in most majors, saving you thousands of dollars in college costs and launching you into graduate school or the workforce a year ahead of schedule.

Three-Year Option


We Promise: a tuition-free bonus year if you are not offered employment or accepted into graduate school in your field of study upon graduation.

We are so confident in the superb preparation you will receive at Houghton that we are prepared to back it up with an additional year of free tuition.

97% of Houghton graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate degrees within 9 months of graduation. If you are not offered employment in your chosen field or accepted into graduate school, you can come back for a bonus year tuition-free. Add a minor…or a major…sharpen your creative talents or quantitative skills… and know that once you’re part of the Houghton family, we’ve got your back.

Houghton Promise Bonus Year Application