Deciding Students

It's not uncommon to be nearing your first year of college, but still be unsure of the particular academic program that you want to pursue.

Students who are unsure of their academic plans tend to fall into one of the following groups:

I have so many interests that I just can’t narrow them down!

Well, I know what I don’t like… but after that, I don’t really know what I’m particularly passionate about…

I put down a major because it gets my guidance counselor/parent/pastor/teacher off my back when they ask me what I am going to study someday.

Good news – Houghton is the ideal campus if you find yourself in any of the above categories.

Interdisciplinary Studies or multiple majors/minors

Over 20% of Houghton students graduate with at least a double-major. Through our range of offerings and collaborative faculty, you might find yourself double-majoring or majoring in one discipline and minoring in one or more others. If none of the above suits you, then our Interdisciplinary Studies major empowers you to self-design a creative and cross-disciplinary program that fits with your big plans.

Center for Student Success

Our Center for Student Success is a one-stop location that provides holistic support and success resources from a writing center to counselor services and, in particular, our Office of Vocation and Calling. The Office of Vocation and Calling serves our students by preparing you for a meaningful career and helping you discover the tools to live a life of impact.

Faculty at Houghton University

While many colleges will claim that professors at their institutions “get to know their students” and “serve as mentors” – you see that to a totally different degree at Houghton. You know that ability that you might be overlooking? Your professor will see it and point it out. You know that academic challenge you don’t think you’ll be able to overcome? Your professor will show you how it’s possible. You will graduate with a clearer sense of who you are in God’s economy because you have seen how faith and reason co-exist in harmony and strengthen each other when you have witnessed it modeled in your faculty.

General Education and Liberal Arts

Our general education curriculum is actually an academic adventure disguised as a list of required courses. We have modeled our general education curriculum after an honors approach to learning which gives you exposure to a wide range of disciplines and helps you see the connections between them. Many students think its their major that gets them their job. We know that it’s actually the skills you develop through a liberal-arts approach to education that challenges you to understand the amazing world God has placed you in.

Experience Houghton

You are invited to schedule a personalized visit to Houghton! Many students say that the campus visit was the moment that they knew that Houghton was where God wanted them to be.

Discover all that God has in store for you at Houghton University!

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