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Houghton reset tuition to the lowest level in 20 years

Houghton University responded to the financial challenges of COVID-19 by offering the best price for a high-quality, Christ-centered education in the nation.

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Surprisingly Affordable Christian University Education

At Houghton University, families from all socio-economic backgrounds can afford a transformative Christian Education.

Household income distribution for 2022-23 first year students receiving financial aid.

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What Does Houghton Cost?









But most students don't pay even that low cost.

2023-2024 academic year

What will you pay?


This is Houghton University’s tuition, but most families will not pay even this drastically reduced price.

Gift Aid

Does not need to be paid back


Houghton awards endowed scholarships based on academic achievement, leadership potential, and financial need, including the Founder's Promise Scholarship, which increases the financial aid of Pell-eligible students to equal the cost of tuition. The awards are for all four years of your education as long as you are in good academic standing. You can also proactively research and apply for local and privately funded scholarships to substantially reduce your college costs.


Federal grants, Veterans benefitsROTC, and New York State need-based grants further reduce expenses for Houghton students. Learn more about Federal Aid and New York State Aid.


Must be repaid

Houghton recommends that you utilize educational loans only to the extent needed and only after all available grants and scholarships have been awarded. If you choose to borrow, we recommend that you begin with federal student loans, then federal parental loans, and lastly alternative educational loans. Your financial aid counselor can provide sound advice on loan options and application procedures.

Gain a Better Understanding of Student Loans
Houghton provides access to this resource to ensure students and families can make informed decisions about their finances.

Actual Cost

After applying all of these financial aid options, you are left with what you will actually pay out of pocket. This information will be highlighted for you in your financial aid offer.

Work-study opportunities are available on campus as an additional option to cover the costs of tuition and fees.

Multi-Year Awards

Your Houghton scholarship is for ALL FOUR YEARS of your education as long as you are in good academic standing.

Apply for Financial Aid

Complete your online application for admission and submit your FAFSA to receive your financial aid offer.

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Your Financial Aid Package is Your Best Houghton Price

The Student Financial Services Office’s responsibility is to provide you with accurate, thorough, and timely information considering the financial aid process. You can rest assured that:

  1. Your initial offer will include all applicable grants and scholarships. As conscientious stewards, Houghton’s financial aid representatives award institutional aid as fairly and equitably as possible while being sensitive to the genuine financial needs of families. While aid packages may be reconsidered for special circumstances (loss of a job, etc.), the college does not reserve funds to award later for negotiating purposes.
  2. Your financial aid should continue for every year of your undergraduate education. The majority of Houghton’s grants and scholarships are renewable for four-years, provided the student maintains satisfactory academic progress and other eligibility requirements.

Cost Scenarios

When evaluating university costs, it's important to compare the sticker price (how much a university charges) with the net price that you will pay after receiving financial aid.

See how some typical students have been able to pay for their Houghton education. All of these students take a full-time course load (12-18 credits). These are generalized examples using real numbers for the stated academic year.


Received free lunch in high school and is the first of her sisters to go to college.

Tuition $16,690
Fees $600
Room $5,560
Board $5,250
Total Cost $28,100
Average Total Gift Aid $14,010
Average Federal Loans $5,500
Total Average Aid $19,510
Average Cost After Financial Aid $8,590


Is an out of state resident and the eldest of two boys with a household annual income of $30,000.

Tuition $16,690
Fees $600
Room $5,560
Board $5,250
Total Cost $28,100
Average Total Gift Aid $8,319
Average Federal Loans $5,500
Total Average Aid $13,819
Average Cost after Financial Aid $14,281


Joined her older sister, a junior, at Houghton and their parents make a combined $70,000

Tuition $16,690
Fees $600
Room $5,560
Board $5,250
Total Cost $28,100
Average Total Gift Aid $2,517
Average Federal Loans $5,500
Total Average Aid $8,017
Average Cost after Financial Aid $20,083

Have Confidence in Your Investment

At Houghton, you will receive a high-quality education that puts God first and prepares you for the fast-paced and ever-changing world. That’s our promise to you, and we stand by it. If you are not offered employment in your chosen field or accepted into graduate school, you can come back for a bonus year tuition-free.

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Houghton graduates land jobs that allow them to pay back their loans.

Loan default rate is the percentage of graduates who are unable to pay back their loans.

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