EPIC Ropes Course & Zipline Information

The EPIC Ropes Course and Zipline at Houghton provide participants with a thrilling and challenging experience. Be prepared to push yourself to new limits, and challenge yourself as you navigate across our high obstacle course 30-feet in the air or zip through the woods!

All participants wear a harness and helmet and are fully secured to ensure your safety. Closed-toe sturdy shoes that tie and surround the foot are required to participate. Participants must be 7 years of age or older.


Throughout the summer, the EPIC Ropes Course and Zipline will be open for the public to use on Thursdays from 4PM - 8PM and Saturdays from 10AM - 2PM. 

  • Zip 'n Play Bundle: (includes ropes course & zipline): $25 per person or $20 per person in groups of 4 or more
  • Ropes Course Only: $20 per person or $15 per person in groups of 4 or more
  • Zip Line Only: $10 per person - unlimited zips

PRICING - please bring cash or check with you. Standard pricing does not include promotions or special events. Prices include all tax.

LOCATION: The EPIC Ropes Course is located in the Houghton Forest and can accessed in multiple ways.

  • Drive and park at the Centerville Road Trailhead located across the street from 7465 Centerville Road. Hike by following the yellow trail markers to the EPIC Ropes Course entrance.
  • Hike from campus, heading from the Nielsen Center down the hill to the KPAC. From the trailhead kiosk, follow the yellow trail markers and head uphill, past the Ski Hill hut and through the gate, until you reach the EPIC Ropes Course entrance.