Residence Life & Housing

Residence Life & Housing provides intentional, Christ-centered living and learning environments that both challenge and support students in achieving academic success, growing in personal maturity and developing competence to lead and labor faithfully in a changing world.

The time you spend in our residential community is one of the great distinctives of a Houghton education. We aim to provide safe, intentional, Christ-centered living and learning environments that support students in their academic lives and provide significant opportunities for meaningful relationships, service programs and events designed to help students grow as whole persons during their college experience.

Residence Halls

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About Residence Life at Houghton

The Role of a Resident Assistant

At Houghton University, a Resident Assistant (RA) is assigned to each floor or area in the residences. Under the supervision of the Resident Director (RD), RAs are pivotal in helping to create intentional, Christ-centered living and learning environments for our students. They ensure that students at Houghton University have a positive and transformative living experience on campus by:

  • putting on community building events like area dinners, birthday parties, or capture the flag on the quad.
  • upholding Student Life policies and ensuring the safety of our residences.
  • mediating¬† roommate conflicts.
  • planning programs that address topics and issues related to student growth, development and learning.
  • reporting maintenance needs.
  • providing a listening ear or helping students find support through the various resources available on campus.

We highly encourage you to get to know our wonderful Residence Life Staff. They are there to be a resource and aid to you as a student at Houghton University!