Areas & Departments

Student Artwork


The art major engages students in creative problem solving, and provides training in craft.

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Communion Cup

Biblical Studies, Theology & Philosophy

Preparing Biblically well-versed, theologically informed, spiritually vibrant Christian scholars and ministers.

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Student Collaborating With Art Faculty


The opportunity to explore the living world of God’s creation within the tradition of the liberal arts.

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Person Typing on Laptop


Studying business offers students a top-quality education rooted in ethics, leadership and responsibility.

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Houghton Student In Lab


Students pursuing a degree in chemistry learn to think critically and apply knowledge to real-world problems.

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Houghton Student


An interdisciplinary program that will help you become a competent communicator.

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Computer Science

The computer science program includes a balanced mixture of theory and application.

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Houghton Students

Data Science

Developing critical thinking skills to make sense of the data-driven world, as a creative problem solver.

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Houghton Students


Preparation for teaching through coursework, field experiences and student teaching.

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Houghton Students

English & Writing

English and writing majors prepare students for a wide range of vocations.

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Houghton Student on Horse

Equestrian Studies

Prepare for a career as a coach, trainer, equine studies professor, riding program director, equine entrepreneur.

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Person Reading under Tree

Global Studies

Preparation for missions, community and international development.

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Picture of European Building from Above

History & Political Science

Offering you with the knowledge and skills to turn lessons into actions that make a difference.

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Houghton Student at Chalkboard


Explore the reasoning, creativity, and applications of mathematics in close-knit community.

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Houghton Student Playing Drums


Everything you need to grow as a musician, and follower of Christ.

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Student in Physics Lab


Studying physics should be more than an academic exercise; the best way to learn is by doing!

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People Looking at Shelf in Lab

Pre-Health Professions

Pre-Medical, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Veterinary, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Physical Therapy

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Picture of Books on Shelf


While the study and practice of law have ancient roots, they play a dynamic role in today’s world.

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Students in Psychology Experiment

Psychology & Criminal Justice

Emphasis on research, designing and conducting experiments, writing, and developing analytical skills.

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Houghton Student Belaying

Sport Recreation & Wellness

Train athletes to reach their fitness potential, manage recreation programs, or share the love of Christ through sports.

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