Residence Life

Houghton College is a distinctively residential community. Most students, faculty, and staff live, learn, work, and worship within the tranquil setting of the village of Houghton. The residence life experience is a significant and integral aspect of the educational process. Residence life, together with classroom, chapel, co-curricular activities and general campus interaction, provides an immediate setting for students to examine new or different perspectives, ideas and attitudes.

The responsibility of the staff in each residence hall is to help create an environment conducive to the educational, spiritual, social, physical and emotional development of its resident students. Each hall’s resident director (RD) oversees and coordinates student activities, student conduct, and living conditions. A student resident assistant (RA) lives on each wing or floor and serves as a peer leader and guide for each living unit. An event planning committee provides additional leraning opportunities in each hall.

While residence hall staff members strive to provide the best living environment possible for our students, student growth and development depends ultimately on the individual’s willingness to accept responsibility and participate in the residence hall community. Houghton emphasizes three kinds of respect each individual needs to hold in a creative balance with each other to promote a thriving community - respecting yourself, respecting others, and respecting your surroundings. Through the efforts of students and staff, the college’s goal of integrating faith, learning, and living can become a reality in individual lives.

All students are required to live in a college residence. All first- and second-year students, as well as some juniors and seniors, live in one of our four traditional residence halls. Houghton also endeavors to provide more flexible options for upper-class students. Depending on enrollment patterns, in certain years some of the residence halls may feature special upper-class floors with additional visitation and cooking privileges. Juniors and seniors are also eligible to apply for one of two other housing options: a townhouse, which has seven or eight students sharing a four-bedroom townhouse with full kitchen facilities; or a Community Living Option (CLO) which permits a student to privately rent a room or apartment within the village of Houghton. CLOs are granted on a very limited basis, primarily to senior students, based upon projected enrollments. Additionally, some upper-class students reside in the residence halls. Local or married students may elect to commute from home.