Final Checkout Information

Important Dates:


      April 30, 11:00 pm: Currently stored items removed.
      May 4-10, 7:00 -11:00 pm: Storage available by seeing on-duty RA.


          May 7, 8:00 am: All checkout signups must be completed.
          May 9, 8:00 am: All students must be completely moved out. Students approved to stay for Commencement must move into their termporary housing assignments (if assigned).
          May 11, 5:00 pm: All commencement students must be checked out (must have been previously
          approved to stay).
          May 12, 6:00 pm All commencement students must be moved out (must have been previously
          approved to stay).

      Individual Checkout:

      You must sign up for your Individual checkout time no later than 8:00am on Monday May 7 or no later than 24
      hours before your time slot, whichever is first. If you do not sign up within these time frames you will default to
      the Express checkout option listed below.

      Choose a checkout option:

      Express Checkout (no appointment with RA) Traditional Checkout (by appointment with RA)
      --Room condition is assessed after student departs
      from campus.
      --Student waives the privilege of contesting charges.
      --Students who don't sign up for an appointment
      default to this option.  
      --Student must sign up for a checkout appointment 
      with an RA to assess the room together.
      --Appointments must be scheduled at 30 minutes prior to
      you departure from campus. 
        --Appointment sign ups must be prior 24 hours in advance.

      At the end of either process, all residents must return their correct room key in the appropriate key packet with name and key number to the drop-off location in their area.

      Choose the EXPRESS option if:  Choose the TRADITIONAL option if:
      --You feel your room is in "good condition"
      --You are leaving very early or very late at night
      --You want a simple and quick checkout process
      --You don't want to schedule an appointment
      --You think you may be charged for room damages
      --You have questions about the checkout process
      --You want the ability to dispute fines you may receive
      --You want to review what you recorded on your RIC form 


      Follow these checkout steps:

      1. Express Checkout:
        a. Completely clean room and move all belongings out
        b. Read and fill out all express checkout materials
        c. Drop off key in key envelope at designated location
      2. Traditional Checkout:
        a. Sign up for a time
        b. Be present at your time
        c. Have your space clean and items ready to move out
        d. Report all known damage
        e. Drop off key in key envelope at designated location

      Townhouse & College Houses Common Space Assessment:

      Quick Steps:

      1. Sign up for a time as a townhouse (all members must be present)
      2. Be present at your time
      3. Have your space clean
      4. Report all known damages

      Assessment Instructions:

      • Sign up as a house with your current RA (TH Laundry Rooms)
        No later than 8:00 am on Monday, May 7 and at least 24 hours before your time slot.
      • All residents will have the common space assessed at the same time. This will be done either before the first
        occupant checks out or by 8:00 am on Wednesday, May 9; whichever is first.
      • At time of checkout, all furniture must be moved away from wall. All unnecessary items should be packed.
        Personal items that do not need to be in the common spaces should be moved to individual rooms, if possible.
      • Students are responsible for all damage that was not documented on the RIC form, including damage that is
        found after any or all students have vacated the townhouse. It is suggested that students show all damage
        that they know of to minimize unexpected charges.