Solar Energy at Houghton

As of completion in March 2015, Houghton College’s new solar system was able to generate more solar energy than any college in the state of New York.  At 3.1 million kilowatt hours, the system generates enough power annually for nearly 300 homes.  The system was built without any capital costs to Houghton College.  Instead, the owners (WGL Energy) benefit from a 25-year purchase agreement with the college, which buys 100% of the energy generated.

The solar array enables Houghton College to put faith into action by practicing responsible stewardship of God’s creation.  Not only does the array provide clean, renewable energy to the college, but it also saves money and provides a valuable teaching tool.

Solar System Details

  • Total Capacity: 2.6 megawatts DC
  • Annual Production: ~ 3.1 million kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • Size of Installation: 11.4 acres
  • Number of panels: 8,569
  • Average annual savings: $72,000
  • Total savings to date (June 2019): $287,314