Parent’s Perspective

By Jim M Ramsay, father of Rebekah, a 2008 Houghton graduate

As missionaries living in central Asia, we wanted to find a college that understood the special situation of missionary kids in college. From the start, we found that Houghton was an “MK-friendly” school.

They took care of the small things that frustrated us with so many other colleges, such as having forms that took the foreign address into account.  The admissions people didn’t freak out with the complete mish-mash of education Rebekah had.  Instead, the staff worked with us on getting the information they needed to make enrollment and scholarship decisions rather than relying on formulae.

Upon entering Houghton, we were not disappointed – we found that the “MK-friendliness” we experienced at admissions continued on throughout her four years of school.  I cannot think of a better place to which we could have entrusted Rebekah while we were so far apart.

In addition to the MK-friendliness of the school, the clincher was the Houghton honors program. The experience Rebekah had with that was amazing.  It is such a great concept to combine general education courses into this innovative and highly educational experience for these freshmen.  When we add that incredible experience in London to another wonderful experience in Tanzania during her junior year, we can really see what a rich education Rebekah has experienced.  It was great to see that Houghton has professors on these overseas experiences who pour themselves into the students with passion, integrity, and academic excellence.

God definitely has His hand on Houghton and is using it to impact generations of young people.  We feel Rebekah is prepared to combine her experience growing up in central Asia with her academic, social, and overseas experiences at Houghton in a way that will equip her for serving the Lord however He directs.