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Bring your Fearless Dreams to Life at the Best Priced Christian College in the Nation

Become equipped to face the unknown with courage! At Houghton University, you will feel the freedom to achieve your goals and God-given potential without the fear of financial burdens after graduation. Take the first step along the path that fits your goals and passions by considering Houghton’s renowned programs.

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Rebekah Fenn

Content Marketing Specialist
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Atticus Murphy

Graphic Designer
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Kaleigh Kenney

Admission Counselor
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Julie Walsh

Web Marketing Specialist
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Caleb Choate

Admissions Counselor
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Kelly Sproull

Online Student Financial Services Liasion
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Rebecca Arnold

Director of Residential Undergraduate Admission
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Janyce Smithley

Admission Counselor
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Katie Govan

Admission Counselor
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Betsy Rutledge-Aikens

Associate Director of Admission Events
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Andrew Oden

Admission Operations Manager
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Shelley Noyes

Graduate and Online Enrollment Advisor
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Glenn Hampson

Admission Counselor
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Kim Doell

Social Media and Communication Specialist
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Mary Jo Cronk

Visit Office Coordinator
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Heather Arnold

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Graduate Admission
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Michael Blankenship

Director, Marketing and Communications
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Jason Towers

Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing
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    Five Reasons Houghton University is Right For You

    1. Rooted in Christ

    You will integrate your professional development with an unapologetic Christian faith through numerous opportunities for worship, prayer, and Bible study.

    Spiritual Life at Houghton

    2. Affordability

    Your Christ-centered, high-quality education will be surprisingly affordable following Houghton’s dramatic tuition reset that reduced Houghton’s price to its lowest point in 20 years.

    Best Priced Christian College in the Nation based on the most recent tuition survey by the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities
    Best Priced Christian University Education

    3. Quality Education

    You will benefit from Houghton excellence, which is repeatedly recognized in key areas from academic reputation to social mobility.

    See how houghton compares

    4. Hands-on Experience

    Your studies will be enhanced with at least one global experience, internship, original research project or senior signature work, preparing you to meet the demands of today’s employers.

    Alumni Success and Career Outcomes

    5. Lifelong Success

    Your Houghton education will prepare you for lifelong success. If you are not offered employment in your chosen field or accepted into graduate school, you can come back for a bonus year tuition-free.

    Houghton's Promise

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